Wine Guides

Wine Guides

Wine Guides produced for Wine Rack between 1991 and 1994


Of all my advertising work, these commissions were the most fun to do. Wine Rack was set up by Threshers as an up-market rival to Oddbins, who were a force in the market at that time, and there was a certain amount of rivalry between the two high street chains. Ralph Steadman was the face of Oddbins and I was asked to provide a similar identity for Wine Rack.

Before I could do any work, I had of course to come up with some ideas. Happily I was provided with reference material to provide inspiration. After studying a bottle for a while, I would succumb to temptation and draw upon its contents. By the end of the day, I found the ideas were really flowing!

Wine Rack Wine Guide - Spring 1991 Wine Rack Wine Guide - Winter 1991 Wine Rack Wine Guide - Summer 1992 Wine Rack Wine Guide - Winter 1992

Wine Rack Wine Guide - Winter 1993 Wine Rack Wine Guide - Summer 1994

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