Album Covers

Album Covers

A catalogue of the album cover art produced for Anthony Phillips.


The Send Occasionals

(Ant is third from the right)


This creative collaboration began in the 1970’s, and was forged on the village greens of England. Ant had recently left the rock band Genesis to start his own cricket team ‘The Send Occasionals’. Playing cricket brought together many musicians and artists whose different styles and eccentric personalities provided a catalyst for artistic creativity.

Ant and I used to open the batting. We rarely troubled the scorers and would soon be back in the pavilion. With nothing to do for the rest of the afternoon, AP would find a quiet corner and settle down to write music. As he mulled over his score(s), I would sketch out ideas for covers on my-pads (This was years ahead of Hockney).

Summers came and went; albums were written and covers were illustrated. But then Vinyl was superseded by CDs and that great and glorious ‘Golden Age of Album Cover Art’ came to an end. Or so I thought. When a publisher in Japan started to re-release Ant’s albums in CD box sets, my artwork was reused, albeit in a smaller 20/20 format.

The Geese and the Ghost, 1977

The Geese & The Ghost


Sides, 1979



Private Parts and Pieces 5 - "Twelve", 1984

Private Parts & Pieces 5


Radio Clyde, 2003

Radio Clyde


The Geese and the Ghost, box set

The Geese and the Ghost

Box set

Private Parts and Pieces, box set

Private Part and Pieces

Box Set

Wise After the Event, 1978

Wise After The Event


Album Covers

Private Parts & Pieces 2

‘Back to the Pavilion’

Ivory Moon, 1990

Ivory Moon


Archive Collection, Volume 2, 2004

Archive Collection

‘Volume 2’

Wise After the Event, poster

Wise After the Event


AP Limited Edition

Private Parts & Pieces, 1978

Private Parts & Pieces


Private Parts & Pieces 3, "Antiques", 1982

Private Parts & Pieces 3


Private Parts and Pieces 8, 1978

Private Parts & Pieces 8

‘New England’

Archive Collection, Volume 1, 2007

Archive Collection

‘Volume 1’

Wise After the Event, box set

Wise After the Event

Box set

The Archive Collection, Volume 1, Box set

The Archive Collection, Volume 1

Box set